___________ROCK_________ROLL____________CARTOGRAFIAS OCUPACIONAIS: coordenadas da maquinoativação-5


Anônimo disse…
I wanted to say hello. I wish I had more than just English. I have looked at your site a few times with the translation - I have to say sometimes the translations are interesting!
I enjoyed your rock and roll slide show it brought back memories of travelling in Italy. It's great to see Occupational Therapists in all sorts of countries blogging and communicating with each other.
andre miolo disse…
Thanks, to your visit.
I agree with this idea: see occupational therapists having "states of comunication" with each athers constructors of the BIGNET.
Thanks, the visit
Aschwin disse…
Ola, thanks for visting my weblog. Am very interested in other OT's around the globe: not only their professional attitude as OT also other matters of life that are of interest to an OT.

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